Avada Theme Customization Specialists

The Process of Optimizing WordPress

Whether your site requires a quick fix or a complex procedure, we follow the same process:


After you submit a consultation form, we’ll do an initial diagnosis and contact you with any questions we have.

Once we fully understand your needs, we’ll send you a quote. We often return quotes for simple procedures within one day. Complex quotes may take longer, depending on scope.

Quotes are free and without obligation.


If you like what you see in the quote, we’ll agree on the details. Depending on the scope of work, this may include:

  • precise description of services
  • time to complete the work
  • fee you will be charged
  • any deposit required

We can usually take care of these details very quickly. Then, it is time for the Theme Surgeons to operate.


We will work as quickly as possible to get your site all fixed up and ready to show off.

We’ll keep you informed along the way—especially for those cases that require complex procedures.

Before we’re done, we’ll thoroughly test our work to ensure the highest quality.

When your site is ready, we’ll contact you.


Even after surgery is over, you’re still in our care. To make sure your WordPress site is happy and healthy we will:

  • give you time to inspect our work.
  • work with you to tweak the results.
  • explain what, if anything, you will need to do to maintain the changes.
  • provide other information that will be helpful to you.

Just remember that your satisfaction is critically important to us. We are going to stay by your side throughout the process, and we won’t be happy until you are.