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Precision Managed Hosting Specifically Designed for Small Business Sites

Hosting WordPress sites using the Avada theme, Salient theme, Enfold theme, and many other premium themes, as well as traditional PHP driven web sites requires special considerations to make sure that you have the resources your need to make that super-cool site run smooth and load fast. We put great hardware in great datacenters and we carefully configure the software for high performance WordPress and other PHP driven sites, and the designers, developers and clients who rely on them. The culmination is precision managed hosting that is nothing short of extraordinary. Add to that a team of real WordPress experts who monitor, maintain, secure, and support you when you need it and you you’ll wonder why it took so long to find us in the first place.

Prices and resources

(all prices in USD)
Price  1GB WordPress Business Hosting, includes Annual Preventive Care Program + $455 yr.
60-day money back guarantee
Instant account activation
Server location USA, Europe (Amsterdam) or Asia (Singapore)
Disk Space 100GB (upgradable)
Bandwidth 600GB (upgradable)
Application memory 1GB (upgradable)
Memory web and databases Free
Number domains and apps Unlimited (limited by your disk, bandwidth and memory usage)

Server software

Operating system Bare metal Centos 6 – 64bit plus dozens of extra packages built
and maintained by WebFaction
Full SSH access
Server account type Standard Linux shell account on a shared server with added protection
from other accounts.
Extra SSH/SFTP users
Scripting languages PHP6 – 7
Web servers Nginx and Apache. Latest versions.
Databases MySql 5.6
Project management tools Git, Subversion
One-click installers WordPress, along with scores of others.
Other languages C/C++, Java or install your own.
Video and image processing tools ImageMagick, ffmpeg and more.
Ability to install your own tools

  Hardware and datacenters

CPUs Minimum dual quad-core 3.4Ghz
Disks Fast disks in a RAID-10 configuration
Datacenters Datacenters from SoftLayer.
Network World class network from SoftLayer.
IPv6 support

  Server management

Regular application of security patches
Tools to prevent server high loads and crashes
Monitoring of all servers from several locations
around the world
Intervention within minutes in case of an alert on a server
Use of Linux cgroups to protect each account from other
accounts’ CPU and disk IO usage
Weekly backups of all data to a remote location*


Email hosting with secure SMTP, POP and IMAP access
Secure webmail
Strong anti-spam filter
Email autoresponders
Server-side rules
Ability to process emails from a script


Full control over your DNS records
  Developer-friendly features
API to automate some tasks
Full SSH access to servers
Ability to run long-running processes
Pre-installed developer tools Python, Ruby, Django, Rails, PHP, Git,
Subversion, Trac, Redmine and many more.
Ability to run any custom tool or framework


Ability to quickly add or remove extra plans on different machines or even datacenters
Automated load-balancing of your app across multiple machines or even datacenters

  Control panel

Full-featured control panel where you can easily configure your apps, domains, databases, emails and billing details
One-click installer for 25 popular tools such as Django, Rails, WordPress and Drupal
Storage and bandwidth usage stats

  Customer support

Highly trained support engineers who always go the extra mileto give you a useful answer within minutes
24×7 customer support
Questions & answers community website


Extensive documentation to help you setup your apps,emails or databases
Specific documentation for various popular tools such as Python,Ruby, Django, Rails, WordPress, Git, Trac and many more
API documentation


Servers designed to pass PCI security scans
Safe-harbor certified datacenters


Extra diskspace +$5/month per 50GB
Extra bandwidth +$5/month per 300GB
Extra memory +$7/month per 512MB
Dedicated IP address +$5/month
(all prices in USD)

For all customers in the customers in the EU without a VAT registration number, VAT will be added at the prevailing rate.

Why host with us?

You’ve worked too hard and invested too much into your site to leave it in the hands of pitifully under-resourced, poorly secured, and weak performing shared hosting companies who care more about selling you stuff than providing great managed hosting. We are everything they’re not and more. Hosting with us means knowing your site will perform like it should, in a secure environment, and scaling as you need it to. You’ll have real experts managing maintaining your site so you can concentrate on growing your business!

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