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WordPress Services and Capabilities

WordPress services

You deserve developers who understand how WordPress, premium themes and plugins, and how the web servers that serve them work together. From client and server side languages like PHP and jQuery, to enterprise class databases like MySQL, to Apache/NGINX and IIS web servers, we have a level of expertise not found with any other premium WordPress service.

Installations – Optimizations – Maintenance

WordPress Installations

Let us handle the installation of WordPress, your favorite theme, and that cool plugin. We’ll have you up and ready to create that awesome site faster than you can sneeze! Starting at just $40!

Site Performance Optimization

People won’t wait around for slow loading pages. Let us use our proven process of super-charging your site so that it loads lightning fast across all browsers, tablets, and phones!

Annual Preventive Care

Do you have a premium WordPress theme like Avada, Enfold, or Salient? How about those important complex plugins? We keep your site safely backed up, and entirely up-to-date, day in and day out, 365 days per year. Learn more and sign up.

Pre-tested Updates

Keeping WordPress, themes, and plugins up-to-date can make anyone anxious. But not updating can open up security risks and cause malfunctions. We can take care of  the entire process for you, and it won’t hurt a bit. We promise!

Secure, private, and absolutely free!


  • "I was referred to Theme Surgeons recently and couldn't be happier with their level of knowledge and dedication put into delivering secure and professional web hosting solutions for our clients. I look forward to working with them in the future on many more projects."
    Michael Szummerwww.digitalinstinct.ca

Custom Functionality, Templates, and Styles

Errors and Bugs

When he unexpected happens it can ruin your site and your day. We know how to diagnose and correct errors, squash bugs, and resolve conflicts. No matter how serious the issue, we can help!

Custom CSS

Need to create or modify specific styles that effect your page presentation? We are experts at finding compliant CSS3 solutions that work across all browsers and screen sizes. Starting at just $50.

Custom Theme Templates

We can create those one-off custom page templates using best WordPress best practices. If WordPress can serve it, we can create a page that will produce it. Starting at $120.

Custom Functions, Shortcodes, and Widgets

We leverage the latest available technologies to produce stunning shortcodes and plugins using PHP, MySQL, and jQuery. You will love what we produce. Talk with us about your needs!

Secure, private, and absolutely free!


  •   "You did it! The site looks great! The custom effects are exactly how I wanted them to look. I knew it would be worth the wait to have you work on our site."
    Todd HoldbrookAltegra Health

Special Offers and Services

Save $25
Premium Optimization Service

We’ll make your site load lightning fast on all platforms. Our service includes:

  • Install and configure W3 Total Cache
  • Optimize page caching
  • Optimize browser caching
  • Optimize database caching
  • Set proper order of script loading
  • Script and CSS minifications
  • Lossless image compression
  • GT Metrix premium page load testing

Just $240.00


Save $50
Annual Preventive Care

We take care of your site so you can focus on your customers. 12 full months of:

  • Full backups of all site files
  • Full backups of site database
  • *Pretested updates for WordPress core
  • Pretested updates for active theme
  • Pretested updates for active plugins
  • Updates for all other available themes and plugins
  • 1 year of Wordfence Premium Security protection
  • No contract required

Just $355.00 for single site or $445.00 multi-site!


* We pretest all updates on a mirrored copy of your site before applying them to the live site to ensure compatibility. No one else does this!