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This form is used by Theme Surgeons to obtain information necessary to access and perform agreed upon services for your WordPress web site. Information submitted and stored from this form is secured by strong encryption. We will send you a notification prior to starting any service on your site and also when we complete that service.

To avoid delays, please make sure that you verify that each account login is valid before submitting the form to us. Once again, we appreciate your business and we look forward to working with you on all of your site needs!

  • Patient Information

  • Please use the same email address you used when you first contacted us.
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  • FTP or cPanel Account Login

    To access site files directly we either need a valid FTP/SFTP account login or we can use a hosting account cPanel login if applicable. If you are unsure about which option you have available, please contact your web host for asistance.

  • FTP default is port 21. SFTP is port 22. If unknown, leave as default.
  • The path to the root WordPress installation for the site.
    Example #1: "/"
    Example #2: "/wordpress"
    Leave blank if unknown.
  • Additional account logins

    Please use this section to add any other external service account we may need to diagnose or service your site. This might include, CDN services like MaxCDN, Cloudfare, etc., or domain whois record privacy services like Domains by Proxy. Please provide the URL for the login and verify the username and password works.
  • Acknowledgment and agreement of Theme Surgeons payment policy

    Please read the following carefully. If you have any questions, please ask them before we begin any work. We are here to explain all processes and prcedures.
  • For the convenience of our customers, and in order to keep our prices competitive, Theme Surgeons has an exclusive partnership agreement with PayPal to handle all of our invoicing and payment transactions. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, and electronic checks. They are fast, secure, and convenient.

    With the exception of certain types of projects such as design projects where we require special payment arrangements, Theme Surgeons will invoice you after we have completed all work you have agreed to have us do for you, and after you have had an opportunity inspect the completed work.

    Unless otherwise agreed to in writing PRIOR to the our beginning any work on your site(s). payment is due in full upon receipt of invoice, and that payment MUST be made via PayPal payment services using the link provided on our invoice.

    Please check the box indicating that you agree to abide by our payment policy for any work you agree to have done by us. Thank you.
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